[VIDEO/INTERVIEW] XIA Junsu’s Concert in Taiwan Press Conference


JYJ’s Kim Junsu poses with Rice dumplings in accordance with festival in Taiwan; Unfazed by questions about male-on-male kiss.

Looking at this man with a head of grey hair, could it be that Stephen Chow has arrived in Taiwan? Turn to the front, and it’s JYJ’s Kim Junsu. He has left behind Jae Jung and Yuchun and has come to Taiwan today (June 22) for his solo concert tomorrow night at Taiwan University’s sports hall. He is extremely popular even by himself as all 3600 tickets have already been sold out and he also attracted over 200 fans to the airport. The fans screamed their lungs out once they saw Junsu.

His solo album came out in May, but because of the fact that he was contractual disputes with SM Entertainment and has since left TVXQ!, there are rumors that he has been black-listed which renders him unable to promote his album on TV programs.

Reporter: Do you want to participate in variety programs?
Host: As you know, some variety programs…He…He.. maybe you already know…He can’t touch them. She meant in Korea. I’m sorry but we have to pass this question.
Junsu: ?????

The translator was not even given the chance to translate the question but it already got pushed aside by the host. Cry. We can ask Junsu about his feelings with regards to the male-on-male kiss in the musical, right?

Junsu: “Death is a character with a neutral gender. Death can be both male or female. Not only does Death kiss Elisabeth, but he/she also kissed Rudolf. This scene proves that Death does not have a gender. I embraced my character as Death, so I didn’t think it was weird.”

Credit: the4feel
Translated by: @_alovelikewar
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