[PICTURES+TRANS] CNBLUE in Steady magazine July 2012 issue!

YongHwa to MinHyuk
Thanks for always helping me!
He’s younger but he’s very calm. He controls himself firmly and his character never changes. There is a little bit stubbornness (laughs) But, his determined and honest personality always helps us. The character (cool playboy) in the drama he’s playing is completely different from himself. Also, he’s very sensitive and neat. Recently, he who is busy with drama shooting has been complaining about not having time to tidy his room. I should help him  (laughs)

MinHyuk to YongHwa
I trust him more than anyone
Anyway, he’s cool! When he’s making music, it’s a sure thing but he also performs well as an actor and a producer. Also as a person, he is very respectable. Having such a person close to me, I also learn from him so I appreciate it. And, from the time we met, he always cared about us, his little brothers. He is a really gentle hyung. I will follow him from now on too (laughs)

JungShin to JongHyun
I want to learn by looking at his attitude towards music.
He has a manly character but he is a very warm-hearted person. He really cares about us. His obsession with music is so strong and he really likes guitar. When JongHyun Hyung is playing guitar, the mood becomes lively and it’s the best! He looks like he is training his body so I should work hard together with him. Also, oh! His sleeping posture is bad (laughs)

JongHyun to JungShin
Thanks to the best mood maker!
He is also known as “Happy Virus”. It means when you’re together with him, you will be feeling happy (laughs) When you shut yourself up in the studio and work or when the ongoing conversation stops because it’s painful, with only his existence he calms the place (mood) down. He makes us laugh at an unexpected moment. Also, he is a very kind-hearted guy. He also gave bags to his parents on the last “Parents’ Day”

Scans Source: cnblue622.tumblr.com post 12
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