[PICTURE] Seohyun,"Let us all gather strength!!"

I never thought I could feel the name TaeTiSeo~ so naturally, but..

You guys already... miss TaeTiSeo right?? He

Thanks to our Sone the activities of three that could have been lonely throughout doing our activities

remained as memories that were more fun and happier then ever~

I always say I'm grateful but.. I mean it everytime^^

Oh yesterday was me Seohyun's birthday right!?

Thinking of yesterday's Mnet's Choice as my birthday party... or isn't it?? Haha

Even though it was a schedule I enjoyed it as if it was a party~

I also had a party with people that are precious to me~ It has continuously been days that I won't be able to forget in my life!

Alright~ Now it's a new start again!

Let us all gather strength!!^^♥

(translator's note: Originally it says "Let us all fighting!!" but I changed it so that it makes more sense)

Translated by SNSDDani