[PICTURE] Captivating Jihyun vs. Chic Gayoon!

Nam Jihyun's captivating selca has become a hot topic and her fellow member Gayoon's photoshoot, overflowing with her chic charm has been released.

On May 30th, Jihyun uploaded a picture onto her Twitter with a short caption, "Yesterday's 'The Show'". In the photo, Jihyun's long wavy hair hangs down as she looks into the camera with a sweet stare, giving an unique charm.

On the other hand, Heo Gayoon shows off her chic charm in her charismatic photoshoot with Fast magazine. Heo Gayoon is known amongst idols for her body and that perfect body is brought to light even more with this chic concept.

On the set of the photoshoot, she participated in styling, concept tuning and showed a professional side. Despite the shoot being late at night, she worked hard till the end and displayed an enduring appearance. That day it is said that the photographer and staff all gave Heo Gayoon a standing ovation for her work.

The netizens commented on Jihyun's captivating selca and Gayoon's chic photoshoot, "Very mature and pure, they're very pretty. Hopefully they do more activities in the future." and "Heo Gayoon shows something different."

Source: BNT News
CR: jjangpie @ 4-minute.com