[NEWS]Kim Jaejoong’s Vampire features reported in CNNgo News

Only Jaejoong's part

3. How to look like a vampire 

Forget about the gloomy town of Forks -- the Cullens from "Twilight" should really have moved here instead, because Koreans are more afraid of the sun than any family of diamond-studded bloodsuckers.

While the summer sun can get hot, Korea is still temperate, not tropical. We wish we could claim that it was about sun cancer prevention, but that's just a positive side effect. The local obsession with remaining pale is very much cosmetic.

Some of the older, less fashion-conscious ajummas sport black visors that cover their entire face, sometimes with a handkerchief to protect the back of their neck, and carry frilly umbrellas on sunny days.

Don’t think it’s just a girl thing -- go into any Korean cosmetic store and you’ll see that most of the models are male -- beautiful, pale-skinned males.

The other big Korean beauty product apparently developed with the aim of spreading the love of vampires are circle contact lenses, which supposedly make your eyes look larger, darker and dewier.

Stars wear them, girls wear them, guys wear them. Who cares that optometrists warn that circle lenses may cause blindness?

Source: Full article here How to be a Seoul local: 10 tips on faking it