[NEWS] ZE:A stars nationwide comeback showcase and leader Junyoung cries on stage

Prior to idol group ZE:A's comeback, they announced that they will be having a nationwide comeback showcase starting on the 15th of June. On the 16th of June they performed in Daegu where over 8,000 fans gathered and cheered on the group. The crowd was huge and impressive and even the boys of ZE:A were surprised with the huge number.

On the showcase, leader Moon Junyoung who was recently reported to have injured his ankle cried and asked for forgiveness for the inconvenience he have caused the group, their comeback and their performance in their showcase. On the showcase, he was sitting on a chair because his injury has not fully recovered yet and could not yet dance together with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, the group will be continuing their showcase performance until their comeback.

Source: Newsen
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net