[NEWS] ZE:A also has a lot of male fans and receives warm welcome in schools

ZE:A proves that they do not only attract female fans but also male fans. On the 22nd of June, the official me2day account of ZE:A was updated and it said, "Huge reaction from a room filled with male students, ZE:A!" and shared a proof shot of ZE:A getting a warm reaction from the male students in the classroom as the boys in their casual clothes introduces themselves and spend some time with their fans.

The group is currently on their "Fighting Project" which does not only include the groups comeback showcases touring the nation but also visiting various schools in some cities to meet up with fans and give out snacks as well. ZE:A get's a warm welcome from the school's they have visited. Netizens commented, "ZE:A is also popular with the men", "Im so jealous! they get to be so close to the boys", "I wonder whose the most popular among the male fans".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net