[NEWS] Yoo In Na’s silence is because of “We Got Married”?

Actress Yoo In Na who received a love proposal from Ji Hyun Woo, had been filming as part of the 3rd season of MBC TV program “We Got Married”. Therefore, there have been speculations if she was keeping quiet about this surprise because of her image for the program.

In the beginning of the year before the MBC riot, Yoo In Na had decided to star in the third season of “We Got Married”. While plans were delayed for Yoo and Jang Gi Hwa due to the riot, Ji Hyun Woo made a surprise proposal to her at the closing event of the tvN drama “Queen In-hyun's Man”. Yoo In Na and all of the staff were shocked.

The situation is at loss even more as she was to star in “We Got Married” with younger man too. MBC Entertainment department told Sports Donga, “As the set-up is to be a man and a woman meeting for the first time and developing feelings for each other from there, Ji Hyun Woo’s confession could effect Yoo In Na’s appearance.”

Yoo In Na’s agency YG Entertainment isn’t saying anything in particular about this situation. However, many wonder what will happen to Yoo In Na as the program resumes on the 16th.

MBC Entertainment Department explained, “Yoo hasn’t said anything about this yet so we might have to see to it for a while. The riot isn’t over and the program will send out images of other existing couples so Yoo’s matter isn’t something to be decided on right now.”

Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Woo expressed his feelings for the first time in four days since the surprise confession on the 7th. He said, “Goodness! How worried everyone is. I am well and alive so stop worrying, I’m not going anywhere.” He continued, “I would do the same thing again if I was given the same situation. Also, there’s a saying that nothing good will happen to you by nosing into other people’s business so you all should stop doing that and let everyone be happy”, expressing that he didn’t regret what he did.

It appears that he isn’t in contact with his agency after what happened and this caused a wave of curiosity as to where he was.

Source: hancinema