[NEWS] Yiruma Reveals His Affection for Tiffany and Wants to Exchange Music with Girls’ Generation!

Yiruma, a world-famous South Korean pianist and composer, was recently asked about giving an idol group a song. In the interview, he revealed that he would like to compose a song for Girls’ Generation as well as his affection for Tiffany, saying, “I want to exchange music with singers that do music completely different from mine. It would be a thrilling experience, having my music played under flashy lights, amidst a crowd going wild. I think out of girl groups, Girls’ Generation would be nice. I felt affection for Girls’ Generation’s TIffany after I heard that she said she liked my music. I was really thankful.”
Tiffany and Yiruma met more than a year ago in 2011, when Tiffany appeared on a touching episode of “Star King” in which she sang with a disabled children’s choir as Yiruma played the piano. Check out this appearance below.

Sources: joongang via joinmsnsoshisubs@Dailymotion.com 
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