[NEWS] XIA Tarantallegra MV (Dance Version) to be released on June 11th!

After the release of his first formal solo album, XIA Junsu, who is currently busy with his album activities, is going to release the MV (DANCE VERSION) of the title track—TARANTALLEGRA.

C-Jes, Kim Junsu’s management company, said that, “The dance version is to introduce more of the album to overseas fans amid the Asia tour. The MV released previously has created a whole new style through magical, fantastic visual effect and Junsu’s homme fatale charm, while the new MV is going to concentrate on Junsu’s dance. Junsu’s extraordinary dance performance will be seen in this new music video."

Working together with Jeri Slaughter, a famous US choreographer who used to work for Christina Aguilera’s, Junsu perfectly mastered the brand-new dance style and once again produced a high-level MV that is rare in South Korea.

The director of the mv said, “If the existing MV attracts people by showing Junsu’s homme fatale charm, the dance version mv will focus more on group dance, making it more attractive. The MV is not a continuation of the existing one but a whole new one."

Meanwhile, beginning with concerts in Seoul and Bangkok, album activities such as fansigns and other ways to communicate directly with fans are going on for Junsu to express gratitude to his fans. The dance version will be officially released via JYJ’s OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL on JUNE 11TH.

Source: thestar@chosun.com
Korean to Chinese Translation By: 雅玲
Chinese to English translation By: Dolphiny