[NEWS] Women in 20s~30s focus on Kim Ha Neul’s “Seo Yi Soo look”

Actress Kim Ha Neul’s fashion style in the drama is a big hit amongst women these days.

Kim Ha Neul is the high school Moral teacher Seo Yi Soo in the recent SBS drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”.

She is random but loveable and is putting on various outfits which is now becoming part of a thing called ‘the Seo Yi Soo look’.

Fashion industry professions say, “The things that Kim Ha Neul wears on TV are sold out the next day.”

Stylist Yoon Sang Mi said, “The basic concept is modern and chic. She is a teacher so she is formal in school but much more casual outside of it.”

Meanwhile, “A Gentleman’s Dignity” is shown every Saturday and Sunday at 9:55AM.

Source: hancinema