[NEWS] Which celebrity would you like to spend summer vacation with?

If you were given a chance to spend your summer vacation with a male or female celebrity, who would it be? recently, a survey was conducted on the theme of "Which celebrity would you like to swim and spend your summer vacation with?" where over 584 participants joined and picked their favorites.

On the male celebrity category, actor Joo Won came in first having 21.5% of the votes, Joo Won is a popular actor from the drama's "Bridal Mask" and "Ojakgyo Brothers", Fellow actor So Ji Sub came in second place raking in 14.6% of the votes, Actor Kim Su Hyeon followed with 10.7% of the votes and lastly Big Bang's TOP with 7.4% .

For the female celebrity category, SNSD's Yuri came in first having 17.8% of votes followed by actress Kim Ha Neul with 14.4% of the votes, 4minute's Hyuna came in next with 10.4% and Miss A's Suzy with 6.7%.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net