[NEWS] Teen Top Changjo requests a ‘To You’ Andy Hyung’s version.!

Teen Top Changjo’s voluntary request for Andy’s personal choreography training lesson has become a talked about topic. 

On 2 June as Changjo left a thank you note for their comeback support through me2day, he also tactfully left a message to Andy who appeared on KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ showcasing Teen Top’s Crazy choreography. 

Changjo who took a selca showing off his sharp jawline along with a message with a little aegyo saying, “Our 2nd comeback stage is done!!!! I’m feeling good!! We’ll be more cool tomorrow!!! Angels, who cheered hard for us today too, are the best Ah ke Did you all see Andy Hyung’s version of Crazy today? ke I specially requested for personal practice sessions ke The degree of intensity is high but how about (dancing to) To You?? bookeu bookeu (expression of shyness) *^^*.” 

In actual fact, Andy took lessons from Changjo in order to show his individual skills on KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ with Teen Top’s Crazy choreography. Boom who watched Andy’s choreography commented “Moderation 0, the point of angle in Andy’s choreography matches exactly with Teen Top’s” 

Netizens who are looking forward to Andy’s version of To You too showed various sorts of comments like, “So cute of Andy to receive personal lessons from Changjo too”, “As expected of our Dancing Boy Changjo’s magnificent solo dance that just simply shows.” 

Eng Trans: oursupaluv 
Source: NEWSCJ