[NEWS] T-ara’s Soyeon shows her support for MYNAME’s Insoo

T-ara’s Soyeon has shown her support for rookie junior MYNAME’s Insoo!

On June 17th, Soyeon tweeted, “I like MYNAME’s ‘Hello and Goodbye.’” She added, “Oh my god, I didn’t even recognize my own classmate. Fighting MYNAME. I like it!”, referring to MYNAME’s Insoo.

Soyeon and Insoo are actually senior and junior classmates from Anyang Arts High School. However, Soyeon majored in theater and film while Insoo majored in dance.

Soyeon went on, “It feels good that I’m reuniting with my friends whom I spent my school days with in the same place together. A few months ago, I noticed a new rookie group with exceptional talents and I loved their new song. I felt I saw a familiar face, I didn’t think of it much. I thought to myself that he’s standing out because he’s talented, but he ended up being my classmate.”

Source: Nate