[NEWS] T-ara's Dani pictured at a movie theater, "completely innocent"!

7-member girl group T-ara's ninth member Dani was captured outside of Gangnam.
On June 3rd, Star News captured Dani outside of the COEX movie theater in Gangnam at night.

With headphones around her neck and sunglasses on her head, Dani wore a white T-shirt with capris that showed off her innocence. She is only 14, but boasts a height of 167cm.

Before attending the movie, she walked around eating ice cream like a normal young girl.

Dani is expected to join T-ara in December as their ninth member but before then is practicing singing and dancing. Before joining T-ara, she will star in T-ara's new music video in July.

Prior to Dani's addition, an eighth member will join T-ara during their comeback in July.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem