[NEWS] T-ara’s Boram hospitalized due to acute gastritis

T-ara’s Boram was revealed to have acute gastritis and was admitted to the hospital.

According to Nikan Sports, T-ara left Korea on the 5th to Tokyo for their new album promotions. Before moving to the Japan, Boram was inspected at the hospital and found out that she has acute gastritis and thus had to stay behind for promotions.

Core Contents Media said to MyDaily over a telephone interview today, “Boram will not be attending schedules with the T-ara members until the 11th or when her situation becomes better. There are still not solid results on the hospitalization test results, but we will keep a close eye on her health.”

Meanwhile, T-ara will perform in six cities in Japan on a 11-date concert tour beginning with Nagoya. They hope to reach an audience of over 40,000.

Source: Nate
Translation: Nathaniel @ Diadem