[NEWS] Sooyoung is jealous over Ji Hyun Woo’s confession to Yoo In Na

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung couldn’t hide her jealousy towards Ji Hyun Woo’s public love confession to actress Yoo In Na.

On the June 20th broadcast of SBS ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment’, Sooyoung, who serves as the MC of the show, shared her thoughts on Ji Hyun Woo’s confession.

She honestly said, “I’m so jealous. All that’s left is for her to receive lots of love.”

Co-host Yoo Do Hyun then ask Sooyoung, “If you received a public confession, what will you do?”, giving the singer some options like “Follow your heart”, “Call your parents” or “Call your agency”.

Sooyoung straightforwardly replied, “I would just accept.” A panel member then jokingly confessed his feelings for her to which she quickly replied, “I will accept it depending on who it is”, evoking laughter to everyone.

Source: Nate