[NEWS] SISTAR sparks interest with their Silhouette Dance on their 'Loving U' MV!

After watching the new music video of the idol girl group SISTAR, we can say they are the master of the ‘silhouette dance.'

On the 28th, the summer special album and the music video for “Loving U” was release through Youtube. Bora had peoples' curiosity and attention with the ‘silhouette dance’ by showing a teaser for ‘Loving U’. With the fresh and youthfulness of the girl group Sistar, they have gotten many people’s attention.

They’ve attracted many people by showing their healthy, robust figures through sexy marine outfits and showcasing the ‘silhouette dance’ as well as the sunset behind the members of Sistar.

People who have seen the video commented, "The music video of 'Loving U' from Sistar is awesome", "It's awesome to see the silhouette dance from Sistar's 'loving u', "Sistar's 'loving u’' is sexy, and their figures are awesome!" and "Sistar's silhouette dance from 'loving u' is awfully cheery"

The music video of 'Loving U' was filmed all locations in Hawaii under Producer Hee Sun Ju. The song 'loving you' was met between Brass Acoustical sound and guitar, synthesized sound which made a beautiful sound.

Translated by Doogu3 of Mightysistar.com
Edited by Plastic_Boom and Bry
Source: Newsen and Nate