[NEWS] Shinhwa’s Andy betrays his own group?

The youngest member Andy has betrayed his own group Shinhwa by becoming a member of SHINee.

In the June 9th broadcast of jTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast”, Shinhwa and SHINee will compete against each other for the second half of “Guest Channel – Shinhwa & SHINee”.

On last week’s episode, Shinhwa and SHINee competed on badminton and vaulting races, in which Shinhwa stole SHINee’s Taemin while SHINee stole Shinhwa’s Andy. For the third competition is the fierce ‘King chicken fight’ game.

King chicken fight is about defeating King chicken and Andy who was in SHINee team shouted out to his former members, “I will defeat all Shinhwa members by myself!” and lead SHINee team.

Find out if Andy was able to take down Shinhwa on the June 9th episode of “Shinhwa Broadcast”.

Source: Hankooki