[NEWS] Seo ShinAe confesses her feelings towards B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon

A child actress Seo ShinAe had confessed her feelings towards B2ST’s member Yoon Doojoon

Seo ShinAe revealed in the newest MBC’s ‘Come and Play’ filming that she is in middle of going through her puberty and she said she listens to B2ST. Also instead of choosing Lee Kikwang who had filmed ‘Highkick Through the Roof’ she had picked Yoon Doojoon as her favorite.

When the MC’s talked about Lee Kikwang she wasn’t that excited but when she heard Yoon Doojoon she smiled immediately. She said, “If I have the chance of meeting Doojoon-oppa I’m willing to give up all my schedules.”

Also, during the show’s ‘Closet Talent Show’ segment, Seo ShinAe sang IU’s ‘Good Day’.

Meanwhile, Seo ShinAe, Park BoYoung, Kim YooJung, Lee saeYoung, Kim SoHyun, Cho BoA participated in MBC’s ‘Come and Play’ which aired on the 4th of June, 11:15PM.

Source: etoday
Translation: Hyomsterr7@B2ST RISING