[NEWS] The Reality Program 'Diary'; Curious about the private lives of boy groups?

The first airing of this new reality program ‘Diary’ will be on June 25th, and is the first of it’s kind in South Korea, giving the viewers a chance of a glimpse into the lives of four different idol groups simultaneously.

‘Diary’ throws out the concept of a formal reality program and instead introduces a format where the members themselves hold the camera and record their daily lives in a self-camera type style.

SBS MTV’s Kim Changwoo said, “We planned this show to give the viewers a way to see the different charms presented by the four different groups in a single glance. The next four hot and highly anticipated new groups for the second half have already been chosen.”

Recently back with the splendid comeback song ‘Hello & Goodbye’ just before their Japanese debut, the boy group MYNAME, BTOB, recognized for their vocal talent in their songs ‘Insane’ and ‘Father’, the powerful rookie unit from JYP with soaring popularity, JJ Project with their song ‘Bounce’, and the group that turned their fans into heroes with their debut song ‘Super Hero’, VIXX are all eager to show their curious fans a most natural image through this show.

Starting Monday, June 25th, the show providing you with even the most trivial of things in these four idol groups lives will air at 4pm every weekday. [Photo source: SBS MTV]

Source: Nate
TRANSLATION BY irresistable_melody @CUBICBEATZ