[NEWS] Rain pays his respects with fellow soldiers

On June 25th, SBS‘s ‘Good Morning’, hosted by Park Eun Kyung, Kim Hwan, and Jo Hyung Gi, broadcasted a military event that took place on the 22nd, when Rain and his fellow “entertainment soldiers” visited Seoul’s National Cemetery.

On this day, private first class and soon to be corporal, Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), soldier Park Hyo Shin, and soldier Lim Joo Han held an open conference at Seoul’s National Cemetery before proceeding to pay their respects to the deceased patriots and national heroes of South Korea.

Rain and his fellow soldiers are a part of a particular force within the military known as the “entertainment soldiers.” Their duty, as their title suggests, is to entertain military units across the country by holding concerts and hosting TV as well as radio programs.

As the DJ of the Korean Forces Network (KFN), Rain led the live broadcast of KFN’s radio program at Seoul’s National Cemetery. It is said that, without a mistake, the singer was able to expertly carry out the honors, showcasing his capabilities as an entertainment soldier.

Fans who watched the broadcast commented, “After going to the military, Rain has become even more awesome,” “Rain has earned the trust [of the military],” and “It’s nice to see him after such a long time.”

Source: TV Report via Naver