[NEWS] Perez Hilton is electrified with f(x)'s Electric Shock

Look's like f(x) is getting some international love. Popular blogger Perez Hilton who is also known for having a soft spot for K-pop recently showed his interest in f(x)'s new song "Electric Shock". Perez Hilton shared on his blog the group's music video and said:

We love love LOVE us some K-Pop sweetness! And f(x) is DRIPPING with honey tunes and bouncing with killer b-b-beats! The colorful South Korean girl-group - who are sometimes referred to as the function girls (get the math joke?!) - blast us into a dreamy, futuristic landscape where each member gets to belt AND take center stage. Girls be all about the equal footing! Get electrified with f(x) (above)! Hearts ALL OVER this jam!
You can't deny, the song is pretty catchy and upbeat, the perfect song for this summer!

Source: Perezhilton.com
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net