[NEWS] Park Jisung watches IU's concert... Attends after meeting through Running Man, creates an uproar in the halls!

Captain' Park Jisung is gaining a lot of attention after it was revealed that he had attended IU's concert.

Park Jisung had appeared at IU's first solo concert 'Real Fantasy', that took place in Seoul Kyunghee University Peace Hall on the 3rd.

On that day, right when part 2 of the concert had begun, IU had stated that "A very special guest is here today".

Then, the audience cheered as they saw Park Jisung on the big screen.

As the room became noiser, IU then stated, "Who are you looking at? If you keep on looking I'll make you leave" and also added "I invited him after meeting him on the recent episode of Running Man, thank you for coming" thus expressing her thanks.

Translation: -Hope @ weheartiu
Source: Herald News