[NEWS] Leessang purchases $4.5 million USD building

It has been revealed that Leessang members have purchased a building together.

According to various news sources on June 15, Leessang members Gil and Gary have recently purchased a $4,553,267 USD building in Seoul’s Sinsa-dong’s Garosugil area. The building is under the names of the two members of Leessang.

A representative of Jungle Entertainment revealed, “Leessang mentioned their new building before the release of their new album. Leessang’s business is not related to our company at all and we don’t know of any additional details as it was a personal decision made by them.”

The building is right at the entry of Garosugil.It is made up of three floors, including a basement, and runs three businesses on each including a meat restaurant, which is run by Leessang, a tonkatsu restaurant and a take out cafe.

Source: Nate