[NEWS] Lee Yeon Hee, Yunho and Go Ara reveal BoA’s drinking habits

Labelmates and close friends, actress Lee Yeon Hee, Go Ara and TVXQ’s Yunho unveiled the drinking habits of BoA.

On the June 5th episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News”, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Ara and Yunho appeared as surprise guests for BoA. During the show, Yunho revealed, BoA has a lot of aegyo when she gets drunk. She’ll give you half moon eyes and laugh cutely.”

Lee Yeon Hee shared, “She doesn’t mispronounce or slur her speech, but she will start talking like a baby” and demonstrated for viewers saying with an aegyo tone, “I want to drink more.”

Go Ara revealed, When I filmed the movie ‘Papa’, I asked BoA unni for advice for the English lines. She just start speaking English continuously, so I thought that she was doing it so I could get used to it fast. Then I later realized that she has a tendency to speak in English when drunk.”

Source: Nate