[NEWS] Lee Min Jung’s “optical illusion” outfit gains attention

Actress Lee Min Jung once again garners attention for her “optical illusion” fashion.

Recently, an online community posted a photo with the title, “Who knew Lee Min Jung would only wear underwear.” The photo shows screenshots of Lee Min Jung in her latest project, “Big.”

In the photo, Lee Min Jung can be seen standing next to a topless Gong Yoo. The actress is wearing a knitted sweater with a white undershirt and an apricot-colored skirt. However, in a particular camera angle, she seems like she is not wearing any pants and just has on underwear.

Netizens commented, “Lee Min Jung’s optical illusion fashion, I was really confused for about 5 minutes”, “I thought she wasn’t wearing anything on the bottom”, She soon might become the goddess of optical illusion fashion” and more.

Source: Nate