[NEWS] Lee Chae Young demeans foreigner

Actress Lee Chae Young’s thoughtless action is becoming an issue.

Lee Chae Young posted a picture of two foreigner’s backs on her Twitter on the 16th. In the picture is a big woman in a pink T-shirt with shorts.

The actress said, “I was going to have a meal at Denny's where I don’t have to drive to get to and there was a ray of frightening pink. The picture makes it look like she’s slimmer, for real. Should I not eat and leave?”, criticizing this woman in the picture.

She continued on Twitter, “I want to lose 10kg when I get to Seoul. Thank you for your motivation.”

She soon deleted the post but only after netizens had captured what she put up and spread it all around internet communities and bulletins, criticizing her carelessness. SNS is a private space, but she didn’t think that her posts would be revealed as that of an actress.

Netizens commented, “I didn’t know she was so thoughtless”, “I am shocked, what if the lady saw this picture? She would be so hurt”, “As an actress she should think twice before she acts” and more.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae Young is looking forward to the release of the movie “Gone With the Wind”.

Source: hancinema