[NEWS] Lee Chae Young apologizes for her careless behavior

Actress Lee Chae Young apologized for the criticism she made on a foreign woman and her body.

She posted on her Twitter on the 16th, “I am sorry I disappointed several people with my careless actions. I will look back on what I did and reflect on myself.”

She posted this for having criticized a foreign woman about her body weight and size on Twitter earlier that day.

She revealed a picture of a big woman wearing a pink T-shirt and shorts. and Lee Chae Young said, “I was going to have a meal at Denny’s where I don’t have to drive to get to and there was a ray of frightening pink. The picture makes it look like she’s slimmer, for real. Should I not eat and leave?”

She added, “I want to lose 10kg when I return to Korea and thanks for the motivation.” Netizen’s have been pointing out that she was critical about this woman.

Source: hancinema