[NEWS] Kim Sun Ah, ‘style queen’ from head to toe

Actress Kim Sun Ah has become the style queen.

Taking on the role of Hwang Ji An in the MBC drama “I Do, I Do”, Kim Sun Ah is displaying various and sorts of style from head to toe.

She wears wine colored skirts, unique jewelry, sophisticated high heels that represent her and just covers herself from head to toe with hot fashion items. She cut her hair short to create the snobbish character of Hwang Ji An and as extreme as this was, everyone is crazy for her.

She puts on a different look from other actresses, matching unique jewelry to match her hair along with sophisticated outfits and putting on a whole new trend. Always having been interested in fashion, Kim Sun Ah picked out the accessories herself and matched them to her outfits. Several women asked about the necklaces and earrings she wore in the drama and Kim Sun Ah created a sales boom in various shops where they even sell out and customers have to make orders.

High-heels are what represent Kim Sun Ah. She pulls off any kinds of heels in various ways and shows off the bold and confident career woman that she is, making her all women’s ‘wannabe’.

Netizens commented, “She is style queen from head to toe”, “I bought her earrings the moment I saw them”, “I want to follow her style”, “It’s her ability to make everything shine” and more.

Source: hancinema