[NEWS] Kim MinJong talks about dancing for Sooyoung in ‘A Gentlemen’s Dignity’!

Actor Kim MinJong talked about himself dancing in front of SooYoung.
At the press conference for ‘A Gentlemen’s Dignity’ held on June 22nd at SBS Production Center, Kim MinJong revealed, “It was hard trying to impress SooYoung in that scene. I did not know how I was supposed to dance on metal board.”
He added, “The director is known for filming the same scene a lot of times. I had to dance for more than 10 times, which was very embarrassing but I filmed the part with the determination that I will overcome this hardship.”
Recently, SooYoung made a surprise appearance on the episode of ‘A Gentlemen’s Dignity’ that was aired on June 9th. Kim MinJong danced to Girls Generation’s song in the episode and made a lot of people laugh.
The actor portrays the role of a lawyer in ‘A Gentlemen’s Dignity’ and not only is he showing good partnership with Jang DongGun, Kim SooRo and Lee JongHyuk, but he is also attracting attention through the love line with YoonJin.
He stated, “It is my first piece of work that I have found my name. Because I did not have much activities, people got confused with my name and they used to call me ‘Kim JongMin’. I had times like that, but I have regained my name through this drama.”
He continued, “The filming set’s atmosphere was so good that I did not notice the time passing by. I personally want to live with it. It would be good if this drama became a series.”
Credit: asiatoday.co.kr + fanwonder.com