[NEWS] Kim Kang Woo's fine ass in Haeunde Lovers!

The new romantic comedy drama Haeundae Lovers has secured its hero, and it’s not Ji Sung after all, but Kim Kang-woo (Story of a Man). It’ll actually be Kim’s first drama since 2009′s Story of a Man, after having moved on to films in recent years. Wait… Kim Kang-woo… in a comedy? Still waiting for my brain to catch up there.

The drama is also courting Jo Yeo-jung (I Need Romance) for the female lead, though she’s unconfirmed and “still considering” the role. Okay, romantic-comedy now starting to make more sense. I’ve always liked her, and I can see her softening Kim Kang-woo’s toughness.

The drama is the next project from City Hunter and New Heart writer Hwang Eun-kyung, and the story sounds kind of awesome. Kim Kang-woo will play Lee Tae-sung, the best elite force detective in the WORLD (okay, I made that last part up) who goes undercover to infiltrate a crime family in Haeundae (Busan), and then gets into an accident and loses his memory. But because he’s undercover, the identity he recovers is the wrong one — the gangster identity that he falsified, not his actual cop one. Oh noes! That’s awesome! So it’s Infernal Affairs, the funny version?

And then Jo Yeo-jung plays the mob boss’ daughter, Go Sora. So he must fall for her thinking he’s just one of her father’s thugs, only he’s actually the guy trying to put Daddy away for life. Oh man, the conflict and the hijinks just write themselves. I can’t wait to see Kim Kang-woo play this character; even if played straight it’ll be funny because the situation is so broad.

The show will shoot all on location in Haeundae and follows Big on KBS.

By Girlfriday @ dramabeans