[NEWS] Kim Ha Neul appears in a bikini

Actress Kim Ha Neul flaunted her sexy figure in a bikini.

On the June 9th episode of “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, a photo of Kim Ha Neul in a sexy sky blue bikini was revealed. Jang Dong Gun’s character Do Jin visited Seo Yi Soo’s (played by Kim Ha Neul) house and was surprised at a picture of Kim wearing a bikini on her laptop computer while she was gone to bathroom.

According to an official for the series, the picture, which portrays Kim wearing a blue bikini and her real figure, was recently taken in Kangwon-do.

Netizens commented, “Kim Ha Neul is the original bagel girl” (Innocent face and glamorous body) and “I thought she was only innocent looking, she had this kind of body hidden away.”