[NEWS] Kanye West’s mix engineer, Ken Lewis mixes Jo Kwon’s solo album

Jo Kwon’s upcoming solo album is gaining attention for having the participation of world famous engineer, Ken Lewis.

On June 14th, producer Bang Shi Hyuk tweeted, “Mix engineer Ken Lewis’s board. Do you see Kanye West’s name written together with Jo Kwon’s title song, ‘I’m Da One’? This day, Jo Kwon is a singer who came before Kayne West.” Along with the tweet, he revealed a photo of Ken Lewis’ schedule.

On the board, Kanye West’s name and Jo Kwon’s agency Big Hit Entertainment were indeed listed together. It is being said that Ken Lewis put his all into mixing Jo Kwon’s first album by even pushing back works for Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon will be releasing his prelude track “Animal” on June 18th before the release of his album on the 25th.

Source: Nate