[NEWS] Kahi bids farewell on her final After School concert

Kahi shed tears as she stood before Japanese fans for her final concert as a member of After School.

After School had their ‘Encore Playgirlz Tour’, which took place at the Tokyo Dome’s City Hall in Japan on June 17th. As this marked Kahi’s final promotional event with the group, Kahi practiced all night in order to show her best performance.

Kahi has the spotlight as she prepared special stages including “Come Back You Bad Person” and “Gift” from her solo album, as well as “In the Night Sky” as an encore with A.S. Red.

Finally as the encore concert came to a close, Kahi couldn’t hold back her tears as she said her farewell to fans at the show. During her goodbye speech, she showed her gratitude for fans, staff and her fellow group members, promising to continue support After School & Orange Caramel.

The soon-to-be former leader stated, “It was an encore concert where I gave my all and now I have no regrets. I was happy to be able to be on stage as After School’s leader, after I graduate I will show you a Kahi that has improved and developed more.”