[NEWS] ‘K-Pop Star’ Yoon Hyun Sang signs with IU’s agency

‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Yoon Hyun Sang has signed a contract with IU’s agency, LOEN Entertainment.

On June 22nd, LOEN Entertainment revealed, Yoon Hyun Sang has signed an exclusive contract with us and is now preparing for his debut. The skills and emotions that he displayed on the air helped our evaluation to sign him. We will be doing all we can to support his future musical activities.”

Yoon Hyun Sang took part of the survival audition ‘K-Pop Star’ and advanced to the finals. On the show, he won the praises of the judges and viewers for not only his singing but his song composition skills.

LOEN Entertainment producer Cho Young Chul stated, “Just like IU, I’m looking forward to Yoon Hyun Sang receiving love from the public as a singer-songwriter that has his own distinctive style.”

Source: Nate