[NEWS] JYJ Junsu gifts signed CD to MYNAME’s Insoo

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has shown his affection to his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME.

On June 28th, Insoo posted on his Twitter, “Since I debuted, I heard that I look a lot like Junsu sunbae which helped me a lot but now I’ve received a big present. Each of his word is a like a big lesson for me… You’re the best! Let’s eat together sometime and also play soccer Junsu hyung! Thank you!!^^”

He also attached a photo of himself holding up Junsu’s latest album with a hand-written message saying, “Insoo let’s eat together. Are you good at soccer?”

Netizens commented, “I’m looking forward to MYNAME,” “I want to receive love from Junsu as well” and “Insoo should be happy.”

Source: Nate