[NEWS] JungAh chosen as the new leader of After School

With Kahi’s departure from the group, the next leader of After School has been chosen.

On June 13th, an official from Pledis Entertainment said, “Since Kahi is graduating from the group, it seems that JungAh will be chosen as the substitute.”

After news of Kahi’s graduation to pursue solo career broke up, the public’s attention for the new leader of the group have been growing hot. It seems that JungAh, who has promoted for a long while alongside Kahi as well as now the oldest of the group, is most likely going to be the new leader.

The official added, “Details are still going through discussions, but JungAh’s got the highest chance.”

Meanwhile, new member Ga Eun will be joining After School for their “Flashback” comeback on June 21st.

Source: Star N News