[NEWS] Jun Jin wants to be in Shinhwa until he die

Jun Jin has voiced his unparalled love for Shinhwa.

On the June 23rd episode of JTBC ‘Shinhwa Broacast’, Shinhwa members pulled a hidden camera prank on Eric during their MT trip. The members had brought up the idea for Eric who had worked hard on Shinhwa’s 10th album. At the end of the hidden camera, they prepared messages of their gratitude towards him for leading them the past 14 years as well.

Jun Jin stated, “I know Eric hyung has a lot of stress because he has to balance all the opinions as a leader. You must never forget that all the members love you and believe in you. I want to be Shinhwa until the day I die.” By the end of his message, Eric along with the members were greatly moved by his heartwarming message.

Source: Nate