[NEWS] Fans are in disbelief with After School Nana's long and slender figure

After School member Nana's figure is no laughing matter and fans are in awe with her super slim figure. Recently, a couple of photo's of Nana has surfaced online and has been a hot topic among netizens. These photo's were behind the scenes photo which are unedited for a photoshoot filming.

Nana's figure is incredible! Nana boasts her tall height, she is about 171 cm or around 5'7'' and with her tall figure she has a super slim figure, long slender legs, ant waist and an exotic korean beauty to top it all off. Netizens are in disbelief with Nana's stunning figure. Netizens commented, "That's her real body right?", "Such perfect body proportions!", "Her waist is so small! I think i can wrap my hands around her waist".

Source: Newsen
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net