[NEWS] Experience everything related to the S.M. artistes through your five senses!

S.M. Entertainment will be holding an IT content exhibition called the “S.M. ART EXHIBITION”.

The “S.M.ART EXHIBITION” will be held at the COEX Mall, Samseungdong, Seoul for 10 days from the 10th to the 19th of August. The exhibition is an IT-experience fair, which aims to allow visitors to experience the combination of S.M.'s high-end content and top notch digital technology. At the same time, it is also the world's first interactive exhibition which aims to disclose the content produced through the cooperation between S.M and other global enterprises. Constituting epochal elements and other various elements, this will bring endless fun and affect the senses of the visitors.

In particular, aside from setting up a 3D Experience Center where the S.M. artistes seem as though they are appearing right in front of your eyes, the exhibition also employed the use of holograms to showcase high quality performances and extravagant line-ups, enriching the content of the exhibition. Through the use of the 360-degree Matrix camera and large screen employed in the movie “The Matrix” to see the artistes and also to engage in video calls, it is a digital entertainment exhibition different from its predecessors, allowing fans at home or abroad, as well as tourists visiting South Korea to experience the extraordinary digital content.

With "S.M.ART EXHIBITION WORLD TOUR" as the theme, this exhibition will tour various countries in the world with Asia as its focal point, and is looking forward to receiving the support of S.M. fans globally.

On the other hand, S.M. opened the curtains on its 3rd S.M. concert "SMTOWN LIVE" on the 20th of May, premiering in America. The South Korean stop will be held in the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium on the 18th of August. It will produce a combined effect along with the exhibition, and will attract the attention of many.

Source: Sina 
Translated by: PearlynC@CODE:EXO 
Edited by: NovemberSnow@CODE:EXO