[NEWS] CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk wants his girl to only look at him!

However, Kang Min Hyuk turned into a shy awkward boy when he had to work with a female model for the first time.

During the interview with Vogue Girl, Kang Min Hyuk shared that he and fellow member, Lee Jong Hyun, watch each other’s dramas and talk about which scene was good and which scene was bad.

Lee Jong Hyun is currently acting in SBS’ “A Gentleman’s Dignity” as the mysterious character, Colin.

“I initially told him not to watch my drama, but he said, ‘Why? It’s great.’ And then I ask him, ‘is it really great?’ and felt really good about myself.”

Moving away from acting, the staff asked Kang Min Hyuk about his love life and he said that he doesn’t like girls who reveal too much skin.

“I’m also the type of person who only looks at her, so I hope that she’ll be the type of person who’ll only look at me,” said Kang Min Hyuk. 

The pictorial and interview of Kang Min Hyuk can be found in the July edition of Vogue Girl.

Source: Mnet
Photos Credit: TheStarChosun