[NEWS] BTOB For SBS MTV 'Diary' At 4pm Everyday.

 Group BTOB will show you their daily routine.

BTOB will meet the fans through SBS MTV new reality program 'Diary' which will be aired at 4 pm (KST) every day from Monday to Thursday.

Through this 'Diary' program, BTOB will narrowed their distance from the fans as they show their public life and unaffected charms in various aspects.

BTOB that has popular with their songs like 'Insane', 'Father' and many more,have different genres of songs,and they have emerged as a talented group this year and expected to be the best rookie group in the 'Diary' as they show their own various charms, unlike the familiar look on charismatic stage performances.

BTOB also went to Singapore and Indonesia to perform,along with the local promotions, showing their rapid rise in popularity.This program will includes many interesting behind-the-scene stories and episodes of their activities in domestic(Korea) as well as Asian countries.

In addition,the newly released photos from BTOB nightwear fashion show shows such a cute side of this hopeful rookie group.

'Giving a glimpse into the life of the four rookie groups' and '400% realism that starts in Diary' are the new concepts of this reality programming. In order to show the reality life of an idol, each group members is given with a camera,and required to record their own daily images and activities through the camera.

SBS MTV official director stated that “in order to achieve the attractive program planning,we will try to meet a variety of audiences from this four different rookie groups, and we are expecting this four idol teams to be selected as Amateur Idol later in this year”.

Other than BTOB, other rookie groups such as MYNAME,JJ Project and VIXX also will appeared in this 'Diary' program, making fans wonder about which group will managed to show the most natural daily lifestyle. The first 25 days will be broadcasted on this Monday at 4pm.

Meanwhile, BTOB is currently making the headlines in Indonesia local television,newspapers and magazines as they held their first Indonesian promotions in Jakarta yesterday.

Source: Nate
Translation by: AzianHana @CBZ