[NEWS] Brown Eyed Girls Jea digs up her past photo's

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea found some pretty interesting photo's while going through her cyworld account. On the 6th of June, Jea updated her twitter account and shared, "I havent opened my cyworld account for a long time now and I am deleting some old photo's and I found these. These were taken during the early days of the group and Im feeling sentimental, I looked cute right?"

Jea also uploaded and shared the photo's on her twitter account and on the photo's you can see the younger Jea with bare face and big hoops earing's. It may seem like it was from a long time ago already but Jea still has the youthful beauty. Netizens commented, "She is still the same Jea", "Im feeling sentimental from looking at her picture too, the early days of Brown Eyed Girls", "She looks pretty".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net