[NEWS] BoA talks about her special relationship with Lee Soo Man

The June 5th episode of KBS ‘Win Win’ broadcasted the 2nd part of last week’s special episode featuring singer BoA.

During filming, BoA spoke up about her special relationship with SM Entertainment chairman, Lee Soo Man, who has recruited her and has been through every step of her growth process.

BoA remarked, My feelings towards Lee Soo Man is very special because I was there ever since the agency was first founded and we’ve also been through a lot when I made my debut in the international market. I’m Lee Soo Man’s #1.”

She added, “I call him Teacher Lee Soo Man in public, but when it’s just the two of us I call him ‘Ssam’ (A slang for teacher) or ‘Soo Man Ajji’ (A slang for ahjussi). Kangta and I are the only people within the company who can call him like that.”

Source: Nate