[NEWS] Big Bang releases first official photo book after six years since debut

On the 6th of June, Big Bang has released their special album "Still alive" and also released their first official Photo Book since their debut 6 years ago. Their photo book "Extraordinary 20's" is not any regular photo book as it is also a way for Big Bang to get closer to their fans.

The photo book will show the natural Big Bang, the members of Big Bang behind the scenes showing their whole personality through the photo's. The photo book shows a pictorial of the boys having fun and being comfortable in their own selves and also polaroid shots of the members. For the photo book, they worked with famous photographer Hong Jang Hyun and for this photo book, not only the local fans can enjoy but also oversea's fans.

Source: TV Daily
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net