[NEWS] B1A4's Jinyoung comebacks with new Twitter account!

In the past 24 hours, Jinyoung, member of the popular idol group B1A4, said “Hello, it’s Jinyoung~! I finally made a new ID~ Let’s make many good memories again from now on ^^” he greeting his fans via his new Twitter account.

Mnet program “Sesame Player” gave a mission to reach 2 million followers on Twitter and Jinyoung’s Twitter was very active before. But why he suddenly created a new one? Because it was hacked.

Posting photo of him wearing black t-shirt, the local and overseas fans replying to Jinyoung ‘Welcome Back! I’m feeling so good!’‘From now on, we better make a lot of memories’‘That’s cool’, they were shared to celebrate Jinyoung’s comeback.

On the other hands, B1A4’s continuing their nonstop activity with a song composed by Jinyoung “Baby Goodnight” 

s: thestar
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