[NEWS] After School’s Kahi to begin solo activities in September

As previously reported, After School leader Kahi will be graduating from the group and will debut back into the music scene as a solo artist.

According to Pledis Entertainment, “Kahi will perform with After School and help promote until September, then begin working on her solo activities. The new student Ga Eun will take the place as the fifth new recruitment member in the place of Kahi.”

“The group will release a new single on June 21 and Kahi did not take part in it at all,” the agency added.

Despite the fact that she will no longer be a part of the girl group, Kahi will stay with the entertainment agency.

Kahi stated, ”I will show everyone a new side of myself by studying acting and adopting a beginner’s attitude while working on my solo album.”

Source: Donga, JoongAng Daily