[NEWS] 2PM’s Taecyeon humiliated by his professor

2PM’s Taecyeon has suffered an embarrassing moment because of his college professor.

Recently on an online community board, the above photo has been posted with the title, “Taecyeon who went to school to take a test returned home trifled.”

The photo was taken with a smart phone and it captured Taecyeon standing in front of a college classroom and sporting a ragged hairstyle. The caption for the photo explain, “Ok Taecyeon went to school to take a test and the professor said, ‘You didn’t even come to school, so what test? Just stand in the front so the kids can take your photo.’”

Taecyeon also mentioned the news and tweeted, “Ah, so upset! That was me actually trying to look fashionable because I was going to school T_T Is it because of my hair?? Kekekeke.”

Netizens commented, “Is that really Taecyeon? He hurt his arm so it looks like it really is him”, “The professor is total daebak!” and “That is so funny!”

Source: Nate