[NEWS] 2PM’s Nichkhun and Chansung highly praise Junsu

Group 2PM’s Nichkhun and Chansung highly praised their fellow member Junsu.

On May 30th, Nichkhun posted on his Twitter, “Today Junsu showed us what it’s like to be a ‘singer’, much to learn from him. Please give him love for today’s heart-felt performance!” and uploaded the above photo.

In the picture, Nichkhun was captured sitting next to Junsu while doing a cute V-sign and smiling cutely.

Chansung also complimented Junsu’s performance and tweeted, “Today was Junsu hyung’s day! A song which Junsu hyung wrote while thinking about his dad. We didn’t get to hear it during rehearsal so it was our first time hearing it on stage and I couldn’t control my feelings.”

He continued, “I’m so thankful and glad that Junsu who had gone through such hardships was able to express it through music. And that also makes me remember and think about my dad, mom, and my older brother, too again!! I love you Junsu hyung~!!”

Meanwhile, Junsu’s father passed away last January which made all fans sad.

Credit: KimBoPeepOppa @ JunkayStreet